Learning & Wellbeing

Our approach to learning

St Francis of Assisi College provides a comprehensive Catholic educational pathway that continues the pastoral and holistic formation of children from Reception through to Year 12 and beyond.

The College builds collaboration of learners with leadership opportunities, choices, and the agency to build strong communities through unique projects, teaching and learning, practical partnerships, and access to resources.

The education program empowers young people to view the world critically, to think and act independently, cooperatively, and responsibly. Real-world experiences merged with sustained engagement and collaboration offer opportunities for learners to construct, organise and synthesise knowledge.

Explicit literacy and numeracy teaching is a priority across all learning areas in Years 7 to 12. This is reflected in our teaching and learning programs, and the way our educators collaborate to ensure each student has a personalised learning pathway.

Education Plan Strategic Goals

The Education Plan informs the College’s commitment to providing an outstanding Catholic education, and the Strategic Goals provide a clear set of priorities:

Strategic Goal 1: Graduates from St Francis of Assisi College will reflect on and articulate their growth relative to the CESA Key Capabilities Continua.

Strategic Goal 2: To create a community of leaders who demonstrate agency, active involvement in the learning and decision-making process, and opportunities to shape their world.

Strategic Goal 3: The College will be a nurturing environment that establishes the culture, systems, and practices necessary to promote conditions that support the achievement of optimal learning outcomes for all, incorporating support, diversity, and flexibility.

Strategic Goal 4: Develop a strong, regional, and collaborative R to 12 Catholic education footprint.

A Strong Year 7 to 12 Transition

As students’ progress to Year 10, the learning foundations established in Years 7 to 9 provide a sound background for further emphasis on specialised subjects.

Year 10 students will undertake the SACE Personal Learning Plan to consider their options, aligning their strengths and interests to their career aspirations as they begin to explore pathways to prepare for further education, training and/or employment. Students will have the opportunity to study subjects from more than one standard year level at any given time to support them in shaping their learning pathway.

Year 11 and 12 will provide a broad range of curriculum offerings preparing students for relevant Vocational Education and Training, employment and/or tertiary study options.

Growing in harmony