Environment & Sustainability

'Laudato Si': Caring for our Common Home

St Francis of Assisi College supports ‘student led change’ as a means of developing the leaders of the future, empowering action from within and supporting students to  release their potential.  We hope to develop in learners the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and commitment to:

  • Become critical consumers.
  • Make informed decisions for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • Reduce their ecological footprint.
  • Make sustainable life choices.
  • Empower students, and ultimately our whole College community, to make change.

The College has the aspiration to grow into a school community that:

  • Understands the importance of connectivity to nature and local ecology demonstrated through curriculum options for staff and students.
  • Equips its staff and students with an age appropriate theological and moral understanding of the issues affecting our common home.
  • Continually evaluates how it has, and will care for our common home through faith inspired actions.
  • Enables students to take the lead supported by teachers wherever possible to grow the Catholic leadership of the future.
  • Ultimately becomes what it professes, aligned to its charism through ecological eyes.

Our commitment to integral ecology is embedded across our curriculum in the relevant key learning areas and through the following programs.

  • Faith in Action Opportunities
  • Sustainability Leadership Program.
  • ‘Paddock to Plate’ Cooking and Garden Program.
  • Nature play areas.
  • Year level responsibilities.
  • Whole School Waste Management System.
  • Community partnerships.

Growing in harmony