Catholic Education South Australia

Student Transition

A focus on supported transition experiences.

True to our aspiration of providing individualised student pathways, the transition experiences will ensure every student will have the best possible start to the school year.

Throughout Term 4 we are running a series of transition days for our Year 7 and 8 students beginning in 2022.  Our enrolled students are invited to attend the scheduled transition days, and likewise, the invitation is extended to families who are still considering their child’s secondary education pathway.

Year 7 Students 2022

Week 2 Friday 22 October 2021

Week 7 Thursday 25 November and Friday 26 November 2021

Year 8 Students 2022

Week 3 Friday 29 October 2021

Week 6 Thursday 18 November and Friday 19 November 2021

These days are designed to support the partnership between our students, teachers, and families in setting up for success in 2022.

Specifically, the main purpose of the transition days is for:

  • students from across the Riverland to meet each other before the 2022 school year
  • students to meet some of their teachers for 2022, and for teachers to begin to form relationships with their new students
  • the College to gain an understanding of the specific learning and wellbeing needs of each student
  • students to gain some experience in what their learning will look like at the College.

In addition to the transition days, the College will partner closely with students, families, and their current schools to ensure we have as much insight as possible around the specific needs of each student.

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