St Francis of Assisi College Sport Program

Students at St Francis of Assisi College will have the opportunity to pursue areas of passion to support their learning and development of the whole person.

Sport, as with the other experiential learning opportunities such as the performing arts and music, plays an important role in adolescent development and exposure to life lessons. Participation in sport promotes physical activity and the associated health benefits, resilience, teamwork, discipline and long-term commitment to achieve goals.

The College will provide a range of sporting opportunities for students, inclusive of promoting participation in physical activity, and to provide elite pathways as students’ progress through their secondary years.

College Sport and Recreation Facilities

When the College opens in 2022, the school facilities will include tennis courts, netball courts, and a sheltered basketball and netball court. There will be a generously sized playing field located at the back of the site, and there will also be handball courts, and parkour inspired play equipment. The Master Plan includes a gymnasium in Stage 3 of the building program, in readiness for our first cohort Year 11 and 12 students.

Competitive Sport Opportunities

Students will have the option to participate in a range of sports competitions offered through Riverland School Sports SA, School Sports SA State-wide Knockout Cup and a range of opportunities through several Catholic school sports associations. This will include the College competing in interschool athletics and interschool swimming. 

Guided by student interest, inter-school opportunities include:

Australian Rules Football (AFL)

St Francis of Assisi College Rowing Team

The College is partnering with the Renmark Rowing Club and will commence a College Rowing Program in 2022. Students will have the opportunity to 'come and try' the sport of rowing, on our own beautiful River Murray. 

Students with an interest in pursuing the sport in a competitive environment, will receive elite level coaching and the opportunity in time, to compete in rowing regattas against other secondary schools state-wide. 

High Performance Sport Program

The High-Performance Sports Program (HPSP) will support and develop highly individual sporting interests and providing the support and pathway for athletes to gain the benefits of physical activity, develop and excel in their chosen sporting fields.

The program combines the study requirements of daily academics with the training and development of the student’s practical talents at an age-appropriate progression.

Students receive ongoing support, coaching, tailored programs, and advice specific to them, as well as access to external professionals in the fields of strength and conditioning, sports psychology, and nutrition. 

Informed by student interest, the College will provide specialist sports coaching and group based skilled sessions in selected sports. Dependent on student interest, it is envisioned for 2022, specialist coaching will be offered in netball, football, basketball and soccer. Pathways available through School Sports SA and Catholic school sports associates will provide a competitive pathway for students to pursue representing the College. 

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