Our College

Welcome to St Francis of Assisi College

St Francis of Assisi College opened in February 2022.

The College provides an excellent Catholic education for Year 7 to 12 students in the Riverland region.  In February 2022 we opened for Year 7 and 8 students, and each year we offer a new year level until we expand to become a Year 7 to 12 learning community by 2026.

The College provides an innovative and contemporary education tailored to students, their families and communities, leading to a life-long love of learning. It is a place of imagination where personalised learning, collaboration and interactive technology enable authentic and deep learning experiences. 

With founding principles guided by Integral Ecology and the example of St Francis of Assisi, the College provides a safe, supportive learning environment that has the future in mind whilst bringing with it the traditions loved and valued in Catholic education.

Our College ethos centres around care for each other, the environment and our local and broader community. We will foster an environment grounded in acceptance and kindness, where all are welcome.

At St Francis of Assisi College we invite students to learn in harmony with who they are and where they live, emerging as joyful young people and conscious contributors to our Riverland region and beyond. Students are encouraged to use their voices and lives for good, transforming into influential leaders who seek to enhance the world we all share.

Growing in harmony